Mid-term Evaluation of the Governance Accountability Project (GAP2) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report


April 30, 2010


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Democracy International conducted a mid-term evaluation of the Governance Accountability Project (GAP2) in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide USAID, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with an assessment of the overall performance of GAP2 project, which sought to increase municipal governments’ capacity to serve their citizens. DI fielded a team to conduct this assessment in Bosnia in March and April 2010. The team gathered information from interviews conducted with members of municipalities, GAP2 staff, ministries and associations, international development agencies, and donor agencies. In addition, the team reviewed relevant documents and official reports related to GAP2. DI found that GAP2 was successful in meeting its program output targets and its clients were very pleased with their assistance. However, in judging project performance against the program key objectives, GAP2 was not achieving its full potential. DI recommended that the project implementers should revise the GAP2 strategy and program, by focusing more on strengthening the policy component of the project to seek greater strategic impact and to ensure local ownership and sustainability.

Photo Credit: Julijan Nyča

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