Mid-term Evaluation of Effective Municipalities Initiative in Kosovo Report


April 30, 2009



Under the DG Analytical Services IQC, Democracy International conducted a mid-term evaluation of USAID’s Effective Municipalities Initiative (EMI) in Kosovo to provide USAID with a comprehensive analysis of the program’s progress in the first half and recommendations for possible adjustments in focus or resource allocation during the remaining period of the contract.

DI conducted this assessment in Kosovo in April and May of 2009. DI’s team interviewed individuals familiar with EMI from a variety of perspectives, including representatives of EMI itself, USAID, the donor community, the Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA), the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, and local officials, mayors, and others. The team also reviewed relevant documents, including project reports, monitoring data, and donor and association publications.

DI found that EMI was a well-designed and well-implemented local governance project. Operating in a very fluid environment, the EMI team remained focused and delivered excellent services to both the MLGA and the local officials of Kosovo. The team recommended that EMI should focus the majority of its resources on the local sector to continue to impact the decentralization process.

Photo Credit: David Bailey

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