Indonesia Annual Public Survey Opinion Surveys: 2008 Survey Report


Democracy International


November 30, 2008



The report’s analysis is based on a public opinion survey conducted in 16 provinces of Indonesia between May and June 2008. Information for the survey was obtained from a total of 2500 face-to-face interviews in these 16 provinces. The survey methodology was constructed to ensure that the results are representative of the views of the Indonesian people. Field work for the survey was implemented by Polling Center; the survey instrument, analysis and report were developed by Democracy International, in conjunction with Polling Center and USAID.

This is the third in a series of annual survey reports whose objective is to inform the Indonesian people and interested institutions and organizations about the perceptions, attitudes and aspirations of the Indonesian people on a number of broad themes relating to the development of democratic governance in Indonesia. Some of the major areas with which the report deals are those of public support for democracy; pluralism and tolerance; national and regional parliaments and executives; the justice system, law enforcement agencies and rule of law; local government and decentralization; corruption; and gender equity.

It is hoped that the information in this report will provide not only a snapshot of Indonesians’ views on the above issues as of mid-2008, but will also stimulate debate that will give further impetus for reforms that assist the development of democratic processes and improved governance for the people of Indonesia.

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