Project Description

The Civic Education Support Pilot Project in Colombia, funded by the U.S. Department of State and implemented in partnership with the Department of Education of Antioquia (La Secretaría de Educación de Antioquia) and with the support of the Miami-Dade Public School system, provides civic education training to local public school teachers and teacher trainers in Antioquia. DI will use various experiential learning curricula to build upon teachers’ skills and provide them with the proper tools to more effectively engage their students in civic education and social studies.

As part of the pilot project, DI will design a tool to conduct periodic progress assessments that will measure educational outputs and outcomes that can be used for future training and subsequent assessment efforts by the Department of Education. The project is designed to create lasting relationships between teachers and teacher trainers in Colombia and the U.S. and more effectively promote collaboration, peer learning, and public exchange between the two countries.

Photo credit: Hugo Pardo Kuklinski


2017 - 2018



Practice Area



U.S. Department of State

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