Project Description

In 2017 Democracy International initiated a performance evaluation of USAID/South Africa’s Mitigating Xenophobic Violence (MXV) Activity. MXV targets specific areas of the country with community-driven initiatives to counter violence, boost understanding between diverse groups of people, educate leaders on the implications of their rhetoric, and broadens research efforts into the sources of violence in South Africa.

DI will conduct a performance evaluation of the program based on four primary dimensions—appropriateness, effectiveness, sustainability, and exportability. The performance evaluation will be evidence-based and data-driven, use a comparative case study methodology, and incorporate a participatory evaluation approach that establishes a more comprehensive analysis of MXV in order to confirm if the program ultimately achieves its intended goal. DI will use the qualitative and quantitative data collected in its performance evaluation to make recommendations that are substantive, significant, and relevant for ongoing and future USAID programming.


2017 - 2018


South Africa

Practice Area




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