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In 2014 Democracy International, in coordination with USAID/Conflict Management and Mitigation (USAID/CMM) as well as USAID/Nigeria, conducted a cross-sectoral conflict assessment focusing on USAID programs and the risk of violence during the 2015 presidential elections. USAID/Nigeria sought guidance on how to implement programs in a conflict sensitive manner, specific to the regional conflict dynamics identified in the assessment, emphasizing Do No Harm principles, and maximize peacebuilding opportunities. The assessment focused on how conflict dynamics have shifted since the 2011 elections in the areas where USAID is operating and how USAID’s programs interact with those changing conflict dynamics. DI’s assessment examined the interaction of conflict dynamics across USAID/Nigeria programming in the areas of education; economic growth; HIV/AIDS; Health, Population, and Nutrition (HPN); and Peace, Democracy, and Governance (PDG). The assessment focused on six high-risk states in three regions where USAID was programming: Kaduna and Sokoto in the North West; Benue and Plateau in the North Central; and Delta and Rivers in the Niger Delta or South South region. Data collection and analysis were conducted according to USAID’s Conflict Assessment Framework 2.0 and Do No Harm principles. Implementing the CAF 2.0 methodology, the assessment rapidly identified the most salient factors contributing to and mitigation conflict in each state, as well as Nigeria as whole and analyzed USAID programming interactions with regional conflict dynamics. DI, working with USAID/CMM and USAID/Nigeria representatives, developed findings and recommendations for USAID/Nigeria programming and design options to support the incorporation of greater conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm programming principles in USAID/Nigeria’s sector specific and cross-cutting portfolios.





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