Egypt International Election Observation Mission

Project Duration: 
March, 2013 - July, 2014

The Egyptian High Election Commission (HEC) invited DI to conduct a comprehensive, robust, and effective international observation mission for the 2014 constitutional referendum and expected parliamentary and presidential elections.

For the constitutional referendum, DI recruited, trained, and deployed more than 80 short term election observers to observe both days of voting. Our observers deployed in teams of two to 23 governorates and were accompanied by a professional interpreter. The HEC accredited each individual observer and interpreter to observe all stages of the voting process from the opening of the polling station on the first day of voting through the counting of ballots on the second day.

DI’s international observation mission to Egypt will assess a broad range of substantive issues, including: (a) the administration of the referendum and elections, including the processes of voter registration, balloting, counting, and complaint resolution; (b) the institutional framework for the election, including electoral laws and the credibility and neutrality of the election commission; and (c) the political context and environment in which the referendum and elections will take place, including the extent of freedoms of speech, movement and association, the fairness of the media, the opportunities for the opposition to compete, and the nature of the campaign.

As a signatory to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation, DI will conduct its mission in accordance with the principles and code of conduct articulated in the declaration. As such, DI’s international observation mission will operate on a foundation of respect for Egypt’s sovereignty. DI’s international observers will follow the Code of Conduct for International Observers.