Washington, DC – Nominated by President Obama and recently confirmed by the United States Senate, former Democracy International (DI) Executive Director Thomas O. Melia was sworn in Friday, January 15 as Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). As Executive Director, Mr.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Democracy International (DI) is sad to announce the passing of Md. Abdul Momen, DI Senior Advisor for the organization’s Democratic Participation and Reform (DPR) program in Bangladesh. Momen worked with DI for the past five years, providing expert analysis and programmatic support. He joined DI to continue his work toward a more inclusive and democratic Bangladesh after spending more than 45 years in the NGO and government sectors. “Momen made numerous contributions to our work and to his country,” said Glenn Cowan, DI Chief Executive.

Poverty, unemployment major concerns; youth encounter corruption, but support the rule of law

Kabul, Afghanistan – In the summer of 2015, Democracy International (DI) conducted public opinion research in Afghanistan focusing on citizens aged 18 to 35 to gauge their attitudes about politics, the economy, security, and the rule of law. Young people make up the largest and most critical demographic for long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan. The purpose of the study was to inform Afghan and international actors on the issues facing youth in the country today.

December 21, 2015 - For community-based civil society organizations (CSOs) large grants can be a mixed blessing. Foreign development funders are right to support local CSOs, which often have the most knowledge about creating on-the-ground change, but too much funding can overwhelm program staff, create spikes in service delivery, and even waste organizational resources. According to recent research from Democracy International, however, USAID has found a way around this problem in Serbia that deserves to be replicated.

Washington, DC - On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, Democracy International (DI) president Eric Bjornlund testified before the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa on the findings of DI’s election observation mission over the past two years. "While these recent House of Representative elections, along with the Constitutional Referendum and Presidential Election in 2014, have completed a process of civilianizing the highest levels of the government," explained Mr.